Governor Brown: Tell Your GOP Representative to “Vote No on This Tax Monstrosity”


SACRAMENTO – Calling on Americans to speak out and contact Republican members of Congress, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today released a video message blasting the Republican tax bill as “bad for America” and full of “massive tax breaks to corporations.”

The video message, released via Twitter, can be watched in full here: 

Below is a transcript of the Governor’s message:

Hi, I’m Governor Jerry Brown.

My message is real simple: The current tax bill in Congress is bad – it’s bad for you and it’s bad for America.

It’s never good to have one party vote one way and the other party vote 100 percent the other way – that’s dividing America at a time when we need unity.

Secondly, it’s going to increase our national debt by more than a trillion dollars. We’re going to have to pay for that for decades to come. It’s not economically healthy, it doesn’t make America strong.

You know what it really does, it gives massive tax breaks to corporations that are flush with billions and billions of dollars.

And who’s going to pay for that? People who live in states that voted against Donald Trump. That’s not fair. That’s not treating America as one nation, indivisible, with liberty for all of us.

So please, call your Republican representative and tell them: “Vote no on this tax monstrosity.”

Today’s video message follows Governor Brown’s earlier statement on the perils of the Republican tax scheme, individual letters to California’s 14 House Republicans and press calls with New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and New Jersey Governor-Elect Phil Murphy. Last week, the California Department of Finance sent a letter to the California Congressional Delegation outlining the Administration’s significant concerns with several provisions of the bill.