Emergency Response

Staying prepared, helping communities recover.

Climate Change & Environment

Acting on climate, protecting our natural resources.

Public Safety & Criminal Justice

Reforming our prisons, keeping Californians safe.

Jobs, Trade & Economic Development

Growing our economy.

Budget & Fiscal Responsibility

Stabilizing the state’s finances.

Government Reform

Making government more efficient and responsive.

Economic Mobility

Expanding opportunity for all Californians.

Civil Rights

Fighting for all Californians, combatting discrimination.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Keeping California moving, building for the future.


Supporting farmers, ranchers and farmworkers.


Helping our students and schools succeed.

Health Care

Ensuring a healthier California.

Tribal Affairs

Partnering with California’s tribal communities.


Managing our most precious natural resource.

Veterans & Military

Standing by those who serve.



Protecting hard-working Californians.