Governor Brown Signs Legislation 


SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced that he has signed the following bills:

AB 710 by Assemblymember Jim Wood (D-Healdsburg) – Cannabidiol.
AB 1192 by Assemblymember Tom Lackey (R-Palmdale) – Firearms: retired peace officers.
AB 1736 by Assemblymember Jordan Cunningham (R-Templeton) – Evidence: hearsay: prior inconsistent statements.
AB 1739 by Assemblymember Ed Chau (D-Arcadia) – Nonprobate transfers: revocable transfer on death deeds.
AB 1768 by Assemblymember Marc Steinorth (R-Rancho Cucamonga) – The County of San Bernardino: housing authority: middle-income housing projects.
AB 1773 by the Committee on Appropriations – Claims against the state.
AB 1794 by Assemblymember Monique Limόn (D-Goleta) – Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency: Southern California Water Company.
AB 1799 by Assemblymember Marc Levine (D-Marin County) – Insurance: policy documents.
AB 1934 by Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles) – Dependent persons: definition.
AB 1960 by Assemblymember Jay Obernolte (R-Big Bear Lake) – Estates and trusts: kindred: definition.
AB 2004 by Assemblymember Jay Obernolte (R-Big Bear Lake) – Big Bear Fire Agencies Pension Consolidation Act of 2018.
AB 2113 by Assemblymember Jay Obernolte (R-Big Bear Lake) – Estates and trusts: guardianships.
AB 2173 by Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles) – Commercial real property: termination of tenancy: disposition of personal property.
AB 2229 by Assemblymember Jim Wood (D-Healdsburg) – Residential property insurance: disclosures.
AB 2237 by Assemblymember Brian Maienschein (R-San Diego) – Corporations: corporate records.
AB 2393 by the Committee on Health – Mental health.
AB 2426 by Assemblymember Brian Maienschein (R-San Diego) – Trustee: power to terminate trust.
AB 2521 by Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Fullerton) – Reservists: active duty: deferment of financial obligations.
AB 2587 by Assemblymember Marc Levine (D-Marin County) – Disability compensation: paid family leave.
AB 2589 by Assemblymember Frank Bigelow (R-O’Neals) – Controlled substances: human chorionic gonadotropin.
AB 2770 by Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks) – Privileged communications: communications by former employer: sexual harassment.
AB 2792 by Assemblymember Ian Calderon (D-Whittier) – Termination of the parent and child relationship: severe sexual abuse.
AB 2870 by Assemblymember Susan Talamantes Eggman (D-Stockton) – Military: National Guard: youth challenge program: counselors.
AB 3223 by Assemblymember Tim Grayson (D-Concord) – Special education: visually impaired pupils: braille: Unified English Braille.
AB 3254 by the Committee on Local Government – Local government organization: omnibus.
SB 857 by the Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review – In-home supportive services: provider orientation.
SB 872 by the Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review – Local government: taxation: prohibition: groceries.
SB 1089 by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) – California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System.
SB 1139 by Senator Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga) – Real property liens: equity lines of credit: suspend and close.
SB 1173 by Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) – Common interest developments: annual notices: time-share plan interests.
SB 1289 by the Committee on Judiciary – Maintenance of the codes.
SB 1323 by Senator Ed Hernandez (D-Azusa) – Maintenance districts: County of Los Angeles.
SB 1382 by Senator Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) – Firearms: vehicle storage.

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