Governor Brown Signs Legislation 


SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced that he has signed the following bills:

  • AB 375 by Assemblymember Ed Chau (D-Arcadia) – Privacy: personal information: businesses.
  • AB 807 by Assemblymember Kansen Chu (D-San Jose) – Daylight saving time. A signing message can be found here.
  • AB 1838 by the Committee on Budget – Local government: taxation: prohibition: groceries. A signing message can be found here.
  • AB 1872 by Assemblymember Randy Voepel (R-Santee) – Firearms: unsafe handguns.
  • AB 2835 by Assemblymember Ian Calderon (D-Whittier) – Elections: ballots.
  • AB 3259 by the Committee on Elections and Redistricting – Elections.
  • SB 1502 by the Committee on Environmental Quality – Nonvehicular air pollution.

For full text of the bills, visit: