Governor Brown’s Press Office 2016 Credentialing Information


SACRAMENTO – The Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today issued the following information regarding 2016 Governor’s Office media credentials.

All 2015 media credentials will expire on January 31, 2016. Members of the media who regularly cover the Governor in Sacramento and wish to apply for credentials or renew their 2015 credentials must follow the steps below:

1. Fill out the “Capitol Press Corps 2016 Media Credential Application,” which can be found here.
2. Submit a letter from the applicant’s supervising editor or producer confirming that the applicant is a member of a news organization and is assigned to regularly cover the Governor. The letter must be on the news organization’s letterhead.
3. Email completed letters and applications to Matt Nguyen at Applicants will receive an email after their application is reviewed.
4. Reporters who are not renewing their 2015 credentials must schedule an appointment with the Governor’s Press Office to have their photograph taken and credential issued.

Please direct all questions regarding the application to the Governor’s Press Office at (916) 445-4571.