Governor Brown Signs Legislation


SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced that he has signed the following bills:

• AB 692 by Assemblymember Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) – Low-carbon transportation fuels.
• AB 793 by Assemblymember Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) – Energy efficiency.
• AB 802 by Assemblymember Das G. Williams (D-Santa Barbara) – Energy efficiency.
• AB 808 by Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (D-Los Angeles) – Automotive fuels and products.
• AB 864 by Assemblymember Das G. Williams (D-Santa Barbara) – Oil spill response: environmentally and ecologically sensitive areas.
• AB 876 by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) – Compostable organics.
• AB 888 by Assemblymember Richard H. Bloom (D-Santa Monica) – Waste management: plastic microbeads.
• AB 1034 by Assemblymember Jay P. Obernolte (R-Big Bear Lake) – Surface mining: reclamation plans: renewable energy generation facility.
• AB 1045 by Assemblymember Jacqui V. Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks) – Organic waste: composting.
• AB 1150 by Assemblymember Marc B. Levine (D-San Rafael) – Energy: University of California and California State University partnership.
• AB 1236 by Assemblymember David S. Chiu (D-San Francisco) – Local ordinances: electric vehicle charging stations.
• AB 1266 by Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) – Electrical and gas corporations: excess compensation.
• AB 1274 by Assemblymember Mark Stone (D-Scotts Valley) – Public lands: geophysical surveys.
• AB 1420 by Assemblymember Rudy Salas Jr. (D-Bakersfield) – Oil and gas: pipelines.
• AB 1448 by Assemblymember Patty Lopez (D-San Fernando) – Personal energy conservation: real property restrictions.
• AB 1482 by Assemblymember Richard S. Gordon (D-Menlo Park) – Climate adaptation.
• AB 1496 by Assemblymember Tony Thurmond (D-Richmond) – Methane emissions.
• SB 185 by Senator Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) – Public retirement systems: public divestiture of thermal coal companies.
• SB 246 by Senator Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) – Climate change adaptation.
• SB 295 by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) – Pipeline safety: inspections.
• SB 379 by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) – Land use: general plan: safety element.
• SB 414 by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) – Oil spill response. A signing message can be found here.
• SB 513 by Senator Jim Beall (D-San Jose) – Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program: fees.
• SB 673 by Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) – Hazardous waste.
• SB 697 by Senator Robert M. Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) – Public Utilities Commission Accountability Act of 2015: reports: audits: electrical restructuring: charter-party carriers of passengers.

For full text of the bills, visit: