Governor Brown Issues Statement on Pension Reform and Workers’ Compensation Reform


SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today issued the following statement regarding two bills in the California Legislature:

“Today the Legislature will conclude its session with hundreds of bills yet to consider. Two of the bills deserve extra special attention: Pension Reform and Workers’ Compensation Reform.

“Pension Reform is long overdue and we can take a bold step forward by passing it today.

“Workers’ Compensation Reform has gotten less attention but is no less important. For months, people whom I trust have held public hearings and worked with labor and management to reform a broken system. They have crafted an extraordinary bill that will avert an imminent crisis where workers suffer and rates will skyrocket. That happened in 2004, but this time, we have the chance to fix a problem before it becomes a crisis. We have the chance to make the Workers’ Compensation System better—much better—for workers and cheaper for business.”