Governor Brown Signs Compact with Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians


SACRAMENTO – Governor Brown and the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians have agreed to an amended tribal-state gaming compact between the State of California and the Tribe.

The compact is designed to address fiscal challenges the Tribe has faced and to meet the requirements of federal law that the Tribe be the primary beneficiary of its gaming operation. The amended compact will help the Tribe to continue funding programs in local communities that mitigate the impact of gaming activities and address gambling addiction. It includes provisions to protect employees and patrons as well as measures that the Tribe must take to protect the environment during the construction and operation of gaming facilities.

The compact includes a provision allowing the operation of a maximum of 1,250 slot machines. Up to 15 percent of the casino’s net win from these machines will go to local communities as well as gambling mitigation and regulatory activities. The compact requires regular audits of gaming operations and supersedes the 2004 compact between the Tribe and the State of California.

To view the compact and related appendix, please visit here.