Governor Brown Issues Statement On Assembly Passage of California Jobs First Plan


SACRAMENTO—Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today issued the following statement after the California State Assembly passed the California Jobs First Plan by a two-thirds majority vote.

“Tonight, Democrats and Republicans in the California State Assembly came together in bipartisan support of tax relief for businesses and working families. The California Jobs First Plan closes a toxic loophole that rewards out-of-state job creation. The plan instead uses $1 billion in savings to support job creation right here at home. I applaud Speaker Perez and the Democrats for their hard work on this bill. I am also grateful to Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and Assemblyman Cameron Smyth for putting aside partisan differences and acting as Californians first.

Now, small businesses and working families in California are counting on the State Senate to do what is right by closing this toxic tax loophole, acting as Californians first and putting our state back to work.”