Agriculture Leaders Support Governor Brown’s Balanced Budget Plan


SACRAMENTO – Governor Jerry Brown today announced that a coalition of more than two dozen California agriculture organizations support his budget plan and letting voters decide whether or not to temporarily extend existing taxes.

“Farmers and growers understand the importance of putting California’s economy on track,” said Governor Brown. “I’m glad to have their support and look forward to working with them to deliver a budget that balances cuts with tax extensions.”

“Many of our Asian, Hispanic, and African American members came to California for a better life. They, their families and the people they employ work hard in the fields every day trying to capture the dream that once was California. We need to give these people hope that California has a plan that will restore its greatness,” said Manuel Cunha, president of the Nisei Farmers League.

“We in agriculture recognize that now is the time to correct runaway government waste and inefficiency. It’s also the time for our public officials and the public to recognize that it took us a long time to get in this hole and it’s going to take a while to get out of it. A budget that recognizes both of these realities is what we are looking for,” said Joel Nelsen, president of California Citrus Mutual.

“This budget situation is such a wreck, no one can afford to sit on the sidelines. It was not created in one year and will take several years to correct but we have to get started. That means all of us cooperating and compromising on fundamental infrastructure reforms,” said Frank Rehermann on behalf of the California Rice Industry Association.

The coalition identified areas for additional discussion. A full list is below:

African American Farmers of California
Association of California Egg Farmers
California Agricultural Aircraft Association
California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers
California Bean Shippers Association
California Citrus Mutual
California Cotton Ginners Association
California Cotton Growers Association
California Dairy Campaign
California Floral Council
California Grape and Tree Fruit League
California Pear Growers
California Rice Industry Association
California Seed Association
California State Floral Association
California Tomato Growers Association
California Warehouse Association
Far West Equipment Dealers Association
National Hmong American Farmers, Inc.
Nisei Farmers League
Olive Growers Council of California
Pacific Egg and Poultry Association
Raisin Bargaining Association
Western Agricultural Processors Association
Western Pistachio Association
Western Plant Health Association

These endorsements continue the steady drumbeat of support for the Governor’s budget plan, with endorsements from the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians, California Grocers Association, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, California Small Business Association, California Black Chamber of Commerce, California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, Valley Industry & Commerce Association, Bay Area Council, California Association of Independent Business, Central City Association of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, California Police Chiefs Association, Peace Officers Research Association of California, California Peace Officers’ Association, California State Sheriffs’ Association, Chief Probation Officers of California, Association for Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriffs, and the Los Angeles County Deputy Probation Officers Union.