Governor Brown Returns 84 Percent of Transition Funds to State Treasury as Part of $7.05 Million in Savings


SACRAMENTO – Governor Jerry Brown announced that he is returning 84 percent of the Governor’s transition fund, making sharp cutbacks in the Governor’s Office, and eliminating the Office of the Secretary of Education, for a total savings of $7.05 million.

“California is facing a huge deficit and it is necessary to find savings throughout all of government. We all have to make cuts and I’m starting with my own office,” said Governor Brown.

• His administration is returning to the state treasury 84 percent—$650,000—of the $770,000 allocated in the 2010 budget for his transition. His administration spent $120,000 on the transition.
• Governor Brown is cutting spending in the Governor’s Office by 25 percent—$4.5 million—in the budget that will go the Legislature on Monday.
• His budget also eliminates funding for the Office of the Secretary of Education. This will save the state $1.9 million.
• The total savings from these actions is $7.05 million.

To achieve the 25 percent savings in his own office, the Governor is making cuts that include:

• Cutting the Governor’s Washington, D.C. office staff.
• Cutting the Governor’s press and communications staff.
• Eliminating the position of Cabinet Secretary and all deputy cabinet secretaries.
• Eliminating the Office of the First Lady.
• Closing the Governor’s field offices in San Diego, Fresno, and Riverside.
• Eliminating the Office of the American Reinvestment and the Recovery Act Inspector General six months ahead of schedule, as previously announced.

The 2010 Budget Act included a total of $18 million for the Governor’s Office. After the 25 percent reduction, the total Governor’s Office budget in 2011 will be $13.4 million.